Hungry? Why Wait

by Sheer Agony



Recorded at the Silver Door, late 2010, early 2011.


released January 1, 2011

Trust Fund Crust Punk Vanilla Hendrix - Drums
Wild Card Murder Loaf - Nothing/Everything else except
Jr. Simms - Shaker



all rights reserved


Sheer Agony Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: She's an Artist
It’s caught
Don’t help it
Leave it alone and the poor thing just might free itself
Or get tired out

She’s smart
But just barely
Decorative but unnecessary
Admire her but don’t hire her

Lost the keys to her own castle
Put up posters in the Atlas
Have you seen my castle keys?
Call 514-4113
I’m at a loss – the moat’s too wide to cross
She’s helpless

Her mother
Her father
They help her out but they probably shouldn’t bother
She don’t look back
Track Name: Introducing Flash and the Pans
Introducing Flash and the Pans

Heard that they were big in Japan
Flash in the pan
Lots of fans
So I thought I’d go

Stunned the crowd with dazzling lights
Costumes and fights
Of course it’s all staged but it looks so good

And during the first encore
The singer called me up
Asked if I could play
I said that I could not
He made me sing a hit I’d never heard
And it sounded so bad
(How bad?)
Unbelievably bad
(How bad?)
Impossibly bad for sure

In a daze I walked off the stage all in a rage
Plotting what should be my next move
Torture the band with Swiss Army knives
Within an inch of their lives
Make widows of wives
By the time I’m through

But then the singer lost his voice
(it was never very much)
I could see his eyes were getting moist
(I think he’s a very soft touch)
I looked at him, he looked at me and we both knew
It was so, so bad
(How bad?)
Unforgivably bad
(How bad?)
The end of bad for sure
Totally the worst for sure